A.A.B. later felt that it would be of value to me and to the work if she wrote certain books, useful to students, apart from transcribing my writings and taking down my notes, rendering them into the thought-provoking English which together we have developed as a medium for transmission of the ideas which it is my dharma to make public.

My books, the carriers of my influence, have gone to the far corners of the earth and convey aid and help…

The spread of the teaching alters circumstances and the need of humanity demands at times a changed approach. There is nothing static in the evolution of truth.

Volume three is entirely given over to the subject of esoteric astrology and forms a unit in itself. It is intended to launch the new astrology which is founded on the soul and not on the personality. Orthodox astrology sets up a chart which gives the fate and destiny of the personality and when that personality is little evolved or is only of an average development, it can be and often is amazingly correct. It is not so correct, however, in the case of highly developed people, aspirants, disciples and initiates who are beginning to control their stars and consequently their actions; the events and the happenings in their lives then become unpredictable. The new and future astrology endeavours to give the key to the horoscope of the soul, as it is conditioned by the soul ray and not by the personality ray. Enough has been given by me to enable astrologers, who are interested and of the new inclination, to work out the future from the angle of this new approach. Astrology is a fundamental and most necessary science. A.A.B. knows nothing about astrology; she cannot even set up a chart nor could she tell you the names of the planets and the houses which they rule. I am, therefore, entirely responsible for all that appears in this and all my books, except, as before explained, the one book, The Light of the Soul.

It is the teaching that counts—its truth and its intuitive appeal. This should be constantly borne in mind.


After all, the books are His, not mine, and basically the responsibility is His. He does not permit me to make mistakes and watches over the final draft with great care. It is not just a question of taking His dictation and then submitting it, after I have typed it out, to Him. It is a question of His careful supervision of the final draft. I am mentioning this quite deliberately as quite a few people, when the Tibetan says something with which they do not personally agree, are apt to regard the point of disagreement as having been interpolated by me. This has never happened, even if I do not always agree or understand and I want to re-iterate—I have published exactly what the Tibetan has said. On that one point I emphatically take my stand.

Some students, also, when they personally do not understand what the Tibetan means say that His ambiguities, so called, are due to my having wrongly brought through what He was saying. Where there are ambiguities, and there are quite a number in His books, they are due to the fact that He is quite unable to be clearer, owing to the limitations of his readers, and the difficulty of finding words which can express newer truths and those intuitive perceptions which are still only hovering on the borders of man's developing consciousness.

The books that the Tibetan has written are regarded of importance by the Teachers responsible for the giving out of the new truths which humanity needs. New teaching, along the line of spiritual training and the preparation of aspirants for discipleship has also been given. Great changes are being made in methods and techniques and because of this the Tibetan has been peculiarly careful to see that I do not make mistakes.

Discipleship in the New Age, Volume I, page 460

You should all remember that ancient phrases (such as these I ofttimes give) are really untranslatable; I but put them into English words which will make their meaning clear. I make no attempt to preserve more than the sense.

Esoteric Psychology - Volume I, pages 189 to 190 :

Before we proceed further I want to touch upon the apparent contradictions which occur (and which may continue to occur) in this treatise. Sometimes a ray will be spoken of as being in manifestation. At other times it may be referred to as being out of manifestation. We may speak about its influence upon a particular kingdom in nature, and then again still another ray may be regarded as of prime importance. These discrepancies are only apparent, and their cause lies hid in the right understanding of the Law of Cycles. Until this basic Law of Periodicity is comprehended (and this will not be possible until man has succeeded in developing fourth dimensional vision) it will not be easy to avoid what may look like contradictions.

I fully realise that this information is of a most confusing nature to the beginner in occultism, and only those students who conform to the requirement of grasping the general outline and the broad basic propositions will be able to gather out of these instructions the true, intended perspective. If the reader loses himself in the mass of possible analyses and intricacies of the imparted detail, he will not emerge into the realm of that clear vision which is intended. When he eliminates the detail and deals with the general conformation of the solar Plan, he will then be enabled to cooperate with the needed intelligence. Read therefore constructively and not critically, knowing that it is not easy to see the Plan as it exists in the minds of the Builders, Who work in the closest cooperation, conforming to the initial Plan, and yet carrying forward Their individual efforts with concentration and sustained enterprise.

Rays and The Initiations, page 410:

You will find, if you study closely the three presentations of the teaching (in Initiation, Human and Solar, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, and A Treatise on the Seven Rays) what may appear to you as contradictions or differences. This is not truly so, but the casual reader may feel them to be present even though the differences are apparent more than real.

Page 565:

In giving you some insight into the relationship of the rays and the initiations, I find it essential to discover new and arresting words and word phrases by which to express the familiar hints and indications given by the occult groups who have sought to awaken the modern consciousness to the fact and purposes of initiation.

Page 452:

One of the difficulties connected with this study of the antahkarana is the fact that hitherto the work done upon the antahkarana has been entirely unconscious. Therefore, the concept in men's minds relating to this form of creative work and this construction of the bridge meets at first with little response from the mind nature; also, in order to express these ideas, we have practically to create a new terminology, for there are no words suitable to define our meaning. Just as modern sciences have evolved a complete new terminology of their own during the past forty years, so this science must develop its own peculiar vocabulary. In the meantime, we must do the best we can with the words at our disposal.

page 249:

You can gather from the above what a tremendous field of esoteric truth is here covered and how abstruse to the average occult student is the theme. Again I would remind you that the real significance will only be perceived by the trained initiate and that what I say here must necessarily be veiled and even meaningless to the non-initiate, even whilst radiantly clear to those who truly know. Again, I would remind you that I write this particular section of A Treatise on the Seven Rays entirely for initiates, and that aspirants who have not taken initiation cannot understand or duly appreciate the inner meaning of these fourteen rules. In this fact lies no reason for discouragement, nor is there any suggestion that those with initiate consciousness should endeavour to explain, even if—through compassion or from the desire to stimulate approach to the Mysteries—they desired to do so. No true initiate would be so tempted, for he would realise that it would not only be impossible but also that there is a vital necessity for the disciple to work out significances and meanings through the medium of his own life experiment and to arrive at understanding through direct experience. Then no questioning can ever arise and sure knowledge takes its place.

page… ?

For two reasons I write. One of my functions and duties (as a Master of the Wisdom) is to anchor ideas in the mind of man and carry down into the realm of words certain emerging concepts so that they may begin to influence the higher level of thinkers. These latter are responsible for precipitating the ideas deep into the human consciousness.

Discipleship in the New Age, Volume I, page 785:

I have stood all this time behind the scenes. The books and pamphlets have been my responsibility and carry the authority of truth—if truth is there—and not the authority of my name or of any status which I might claim, or which might be claimed for me by the curious, the inquisitive and the devotee.

Esoteric Psychology - Volume II, pages 48 to 49:

This treatise is, therefore, somewhat abstruse and quite symbolical. It may appear difficult to comprehend, and it may mean little to some and nothing at all to others. If the disciples of the world are truly struggling and if they are applying practically the teaching given, as far as in them lies, they will find as time elapses, and their reason and intuition awaken, that such symbolic and abstruse statements become clearer and clearer, serving to convey the intended teaching. When this happens, the Angel of the Presence approaches ever closer, and lights the disciple on his way. The sense of separateness diminishes until, at last, light permeates the darkness, and the Angel dominates the life.

Esoteric Healing, page 596:

All words in these rules are most carefully chosen, and even if inadequate from the translator's point of view, are not redundant but express different meanings.

The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy, page 322:

Let me recapitulate a few of the things which have been undertaken in our joint work so that you can clearly see the background of our coming effort and grasp the work as a whole.

The first activity was the writing and distribution of the occult teachings through the medium of the books which A.A.B. has assisted me to write. These will serve (when the war is over) to lead humanity forward and nearer to the time when present day occultism will be the theme of world education in some modified form. The books which have been published can be stated—without any conceit—to have no competitors, and these, rightly distributed, will serve a useful part in carrying the consciousness of man to higher levels and in making clear the divine Plan for mankind. In them also the task immediately ahead at the close of the war is clearly indicated.

Letters On Occult Meditation, page 215:

In continuing our study of colour and meditation, and our particular division in that study, I would—for your encouragement—point out that the part that falls to you is the reception and publication of these letters and of the imparted data, whereas the responsibility for that data rests with me. Even if you understand them not, and even if it seems to you that some of the data may be contradictory, I would suggest for your consideration that in the esoteric interpretation lies hid half the mystery, and the other half is concealed by the fact that all interpretation depends upon the standpoint of the interpreter, and the plane whereon his consciousness is working.

page 237:

You will have noted two facts that stand out in these letters:—

That the subject touched upon is so vast that only its outline has in any way been attempted.

That each sentence written in these letters aims at an exact impartation of a complete thought and is full of matter for consideration. Why have I not dealt with the matter in greater detail, and why have I not entered into lengthy explanations and sought to expand the sentences into paragraphs? For the sole reason that if the preliminary work has been done in the meditation of the past years by the student he will find the material of these letters conducive to the development of abstract thought, and to the widening of the channel that communicates with the intuition. I but seek to be suggestive. My aim is but to indicate. The usefulness of the teaching I give depends upon the intuition of the pupil. Therefore, when I say that colour has certain effects when applied I would warn you that it will be necessary to interpret the above in terms of life, in terms of form, and in terms of mind.

Discipleship in the New Age, Volume II:

I would call your attention to the fact that statements emanating from any member of the Hierarchy, such as myself, have in them a potency which may not be arrested. This has oft been noted. Let me give you an illustration. The very first communication I gave to A.A.B., asking her to send it out to the public, was entitled The New Group of World Servers. This was followed by one called The Next Three Years. These were sent out exactly as dictated by me, without any deletions, with their occult implications intact, and with little or no editing. They immediately reached thousands of minds and were received with simplicity everywhere; their influence culminated in the highly successful campaign of 1936. The tendency to adapt such writings to what you and others conceive to be the capacity of the public mind detracts from the magnetism inherent in—if I may so express it—the unadulterated article. That, however, is the responsibility of all who seek to spread this phase of the Ageless Wisdom which I have been instrumental in revealing, and this A.A.B. has always understood. She has therefore been unresponsive to all suggestions to cut down or to simplify the writings. She will, I know, insist that the article or paper I propose writing goes out to the general public exactly as I dictate it, without Christianising it or rendering it innocuous by the deletion of all occult reference. I know that you also will cooperate. In the last analysis, the responsibility for the article is mine and that of A.A.B., and past history justifies the belief that the sensitive response of the public mind to esoteric truth is dependable.

A Treatise on White Magic, page 522 to 523:

Much anent this will be found in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and there is no need for me to repeat myself here. This second treatise is intended to be more practical and generally useful. It deals primarily with the training of the aspirant so that he can, in his turn, act as a conscious creator, and as he works serve the higher ends of the Life which enfolds him. Thus he aids in the materialising of the plans of God. The training of the aspirant, the indicating to him of possible trends and lines of evolution, and the definition of the underlying purpose is all that it is wise to impart at the present stage in which the average aspirant finds himself. This has been attempted in these Instructions and there has been given also some new teaching anent the emotional vehicle. In the next century, when man's equipment is better developed and when a truer meaning of group activity is available, it will be possible to convey more information, but the time is not yet. All that is possible for me is to grope for those feeble words which will somewhat clothe the thought. As they clothe it they limit it and I am guilty of creating new prisoners who must ultimately be released. All books are prison houses of ideas, and only when speech and writing are superseded by telepathic communication and by intuitive interplay will the plan and the technique of its expression be grasped in a clearer fashion. I talk now in symbols; I manipulate words in order to create a certain impression; I construct a thought-form which, when dynamic enough, can impress the brain of a transmitting agent, such as yourself. But, as I do so, I know well how much must be left unrelated and how seldom it is possible to do more than point out a cosmology, macrocosmic or microcosmic, which will suffice to convey a temporary picture of divine reality.

Discipleship in the New Age, Volume II, page 75

The spiritual enterprise into which I hoped to see you all throw yourselves was the work I have outlined, the distribution of the Problems of Humanity, the spread of the Invocation, the Triangles and the Goodwill work.

page 86

You see, my brothers, I am making no startling plans for handling the work in the event of the death of A.A.B. I suggest no changes. I would like to see the work left in the hands of those who are already doing it; I suggest the addition of young people to the group of workers as need arises and place occurs. I suggest that the work be kept fluid, as A.A.B. has always kept it.

Arcane School:

All of us are more or less aware that there is a world crisis; we know that world suffering still continues; we know also that a great period of reconstruction is going on —one which will take many decades to complete; we know that each year brings its opportunities to change, to alter attitudes, to rebuild and to inaugurate processes which will bring about those conditions which must be somewhat established before it will be possible for the Christ to re-appear.

Discipleship in the New Age, Volume II,

page 7

The work to be done by us in joint cooperation (as regards your training) was organised by me into seven teaching units:

I. Definite planned Meditation.

II. Teaching upon the subject of Initiation.

III. Training in Telepathy.

IV. Consideration of the Problems of Humanity.

V. Teaching anent the Etheric Body.

VI. Added to the above, I seek to give each of you a measure of Individual Help and Instruction.

VII. As time goes on, I will convey information anent the work of the Masters' Ashrams and their planned Externalisation.

page 48

It is essential that disciples in all Ashrams consider these days what humanity's problems are, what they mean and what their solution entails; they must know what the Masters of the Wisdom want done and then they must talk and write, act and live so that others too may understand.

page 75 to 78

The spiritual enterprise into which I hoped to see you all throw yourselves was the work I have outlined, the distribution of the Problems of Humanity, the spread of the Invocation, the Triangles and the Goodwill work.

Page 77 to 78

The teaching—along special lines—of the New Age presentation of esoteric truth, necessary in preparation for initiation, will continue; it is essential that the second volume of Discipleship in the New Age should reach the public. This new teaching (or rather this new sequence of teaching) in its timed presentation consists, as you already know, of six themes or subjects:

Instruction on Meditation.

Teaching on Initiation.

Training in Telepathy.

Teaching anent the Etheric Body.

The Problems of Humanity.

The Externalisation of the Ashrams.

You will continue to receive these papers, not as an affiliated member of my Ashram, but only as an intelligent, trained aspirant who is privileged to be used in building up the needed thoughtforms anent the correct aspects of the teaching so that the seed or germ may be truly implanted in the human consciousness and thus truly grow and influence the coming age. Forget this not.

En el anhelo de cumplir nuestra parte en el trabajo Uno.